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Monumental Post mourns loss of George Michael, a liferaft to many LGBT people

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By now you've all heard the tragic news that George Michael died over the Christmas holiday. He died peacefully in his home of heart failure according to his manager. But he was 53, and a lot of his devoted fans and fellow musicians are heartbroken over the fact that they have lost an incredible talent and selfless hero.

He wasn't just a famous musician, he was kind and generous to people and charities. So as we at Monumental Post mourn the loss of this beautiful man, let's look back at some of the things that will make him live in our hearts forever.

George Michael took ownership of a public incident by recreating it in his music video for "Outside" released that same year. He became a trailblazer for LGBTQ acceptance. And that was the case even before he came out. "Freedom '90," one of the most memorable pride songs, was released years before George Michael came out.

At Monumental Post, we fight for equality and inclusion, and today we want to remind everyone that George Michael was an entire generation's First Gay and we will never know how many young people that helped.

This memorable postcard with George's signature will forever be our favorite. And to thank George's family for what he has done for the LGBT community, we are sending a premium postcard from Monumental Post