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Washington DC Christmas postcard for your clients, business partners

Monumental Post

It’s time to send Christmas cards. Yeah, that time of year again—are we right? There are some really cute ones to buy these days, especially if you order from Etsy, but who planned for this in say, October? Raise your hand if you did!

We are also last-minute kind of guys, so we find ourselves in need of sending something ASAP – and we feel the time to send traditional "Christmas tree" cards has passed. Instead, demonstrate your impeccable taste by sending a postcard featuring the capital of the free world!

Good business is done by developing good relationships and trust.

People like to be appreciated for their custom and their loyalty, they warm to good customer service and feel valued by personal contact. Good customer service will always win over price with the right customers.

Sending Business Christmas Cards is all part of taking care of your customers and demonstrating how much you value them. A Christmas card will always win you brownie points!

A Christmas postcard we received from our friends in Finland

A Christmas postcard we received from our friends in Finland

Making your customer feel special and valued is essential to encourage continued custom and maintains their high opinion of you and your business. 

It’s all about your brand and how you want to be seen by prospective and current customers.

Together we managed to make quite a range of different kinds of postcards printed on matte Italian paper and featuring our capital's monuments. Taking time out at the one time of year when everyone knows how busy it is, will go a very long way in establishing or even re-establishing good relations with new or old clients.

We recommend you to try it out!