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Monumental Post to Partner with Women's March on Washington

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Today Monumental Post, first local small craft postcard business in Washington DC area, announced their official sponsorship of the Women’s March on Washington.

"For a decade, we, the founders of Monumental Post, have worked together and stood to defend and promote minority and women's rights. We come from different countries and backgrounds and believe that it is not possible to turn back the clock on the progress achieved during Barack Obama's presidency. We will be proud to march with our friends and families in solidarity with men and women marching on Washington on January 21. We support choice, we support contraception, we support love and equality.

Everyone who supports women's rights can use the code "March" to get 20% discount off all our postcards.


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Monumental Post's friend to Obama, "Thanks for breaking down barriers"

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Friends of Monumental Post have been very active lately and sent their best wishes to the First Family of Barack and Michele Obama. One of our friends said "Thank you for not just breaking down barriers, but for just doing your job well."

Such a heartfelt message was sent by the Mercier Family to the White House on one of our best selling postcards featuring a watercolor painting of the White House.

Monumental Post mourns loss of George Michael, a liferaft to many LGBT people

Monumental Post

By now you've all heard the tragic news that George Michael died over the Christmas holiday. He died peacefully in his home of heart failure according to his manager. But he was 53, and a lot of his devoted fans and fellow musicians are heartbroken over the fact that they have lost an incredible talent and selfless hero.

He wasn't just a famous musician, he was kind and generous to people and charities. So as we at Monumental Post mourn the loss of this beautiful man, let's look back at some of the things that will make him live in our hearts forever.

George Michael took ownership of a public incident by recreating it in his music video for "Outside" released that same year. He became a trailblazer for LGBTQ acceptance. And that was the case even before he came out. "Freedom '90," one of the most memorable pride songs, was released years before George Michael came out.

At Monumental Post, we fight for equality and inclusion, and today we want to remind everyone that George Michael was an entire generation's First Gay and we will never know how many young people that helped.

This memorable postcard with George's signature will forever be our favorite. And to thank George's family for what he has done for the LGBT community, we are sending a premium postcard from Monumental Post

Carrie Fisher dies at 60, leaves a legacy of humanity

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We are very sad to hear of the death of Carrie Fisher, 60, who died earlier today after suffering a massive heart attack on a flight to Los Angeles on Friday.

Fisher also has the rare distinction of being one of the few Americans to have appeared on a US stamp while she was still alive. In 2007, the US Postal Service issued a set of 20 Star Wars stamps. One of the stamps depicted Fisher in the role of Princess Leia, giving the android R2D2 the blueprints for the Death Star.

Fisher also appeared on a Royal Mail stamp in the United Kingdom last year, as part of the build up to “The Force Awakens”.


Washington DC Christmas postcard for your clients, business partners

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It’s time to send Christmas cards. Yeah, that time of year again—are we right? There are some really cute ones to buy these days, especially if you order from Etsy, but who planned for this in say, October? Raise your hand if you did!

We are also last-minute kind of guys, so we find ourselves in need of sending something ASAP – and we feel the time to send traditional "Christmas tree" cards has passed. Instead, demonstrate your impeccable taste by sending a postcard featuring the capital of the free world!

Good business is done by developing good relationships and trust.

People like to be appreciated for their custom and their loyalty, they warm to good customer service and feel valued by personal contact. Good customer service will always win over price with the right customers.

Sending Business Christmas Cards is all part of taking care of your customers and demonstrating how much you value them. A Christmas card will always win you brownie points!

A Christmas postcard we received from our friends in Finland

A Christmas postcard we received from our friends in Finland

Making your customer feel special and valued is essential to encourage continued custom and maintains their high opinion of you and your business. 

It’s all about your brand and how you want to be seen by prospective and current customers.

Together we managed to make quite a range of different kinds of postcards printed on matte Italian paper and featuring our capital's monuments. Taking time out at the one time of year when everyone knows how busy it is, will go a very long way in establishing or even re-establishing good relations with new or old clients.

We recommend you to try it out!