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We make versatile and easy to design full-color postcards of our capital. Reliable shipping.

Postcards of Washington DC monuments, museums, statues & memorials are our inspiration.

Travel and exploration have been the cornerstones of Monumental Post’s founders lives. Between us we have ventured to 10 countries. In each place, however, we appreciated hearing and seeing home through postcards with friends and family. Our enthusiasm for postcards led us to using postcrossing to exchange postcards and messages from around the world. In these postcard exchanges we always try to share a piece of our home and country, the United States of America. Postcrossing has become a vehicle of international exchange for us.

Our passion for traveling and postcards led to the founding of Monumental Post. Through Monumental Post we provide five unique postcards representing this great country's capital. Each postcard features commissioned paintings on premium paper featuring the Capitol, White House, Jefferson Memorial in bloom, Lincoln and Washington Monuments, or Smithsonian Castle.

All of our postcards are printed in the USA to support small businesses and American products.

We invite you to share in our passion for travel and postcards by purchasing these cheap and beautiful postcards to send yourself, or have Monumental Post do the work for you!

Monumental Post can send any of the five designs to a friend, family member, or loved one around the world, with a beautifully handwritten note from you. We highly suggest sending a postcard to citizens abroad, serving military, veterans, students interested in U.S. history, or any person you care about and want to send a unique message on a piece of art.

We are proud Americans who value the political process and having everyone’s voice heard in Washington, D.C. Through Monumental Post we have built a platform for you to send a message to the White House through our Pen Note to Pennsylvania Avenue service. Your message will be sent to the White House on an easy to read postcard. This is important, because messages are read quickly in the government, and postcards provide a quick and efficient way to have your voice heard.

Monumental Post looks forward to having you as one of our customers. We look forward to sending you beautiful postcards, or sending them on your behalf! 

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